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5 best Programing language to learn for WordPress users in 2017

Do you want to become a full-stack WordPress developer? Then, you should have proficient knowledge of programming languages. Now, WordPress is itself developed based on PHP, but you cannot excel as WordPress website developer with only PHP knowledge. Learning one or two extra programming languages can help you to improve your reputation as WordPress website […]

7 Design Elements your E-commerce site needs to Increase Conversions

The golden rule of owning a high selling e-commerce website is to satisfy customer from the product section of its checkout and delivery. The customers like to select the products and check out within minutes. So, you have to simplify the whole shopping process to indulge the customers. A simple and flawless website design can […]

Finding Profitable Products for Selling on Amazon

Technology is ruling our lives, when it comes to our social circle over FB and Skype or just a shopping spree through various shopping portals, in today’s world, technology has become an important part of your lives. After Google, Amazon is the only place people are going to shop online. Studies showed 60% of consumers start […]

What Not to include in your website?

So, if you have started working on your website, keep a few things in mind before completing it fully. There are some points which may help in creating an effective website. If you are taking any help from the web development company, make sure you brief them about the following points which they should not […]

How to write impressive content for your website?

Content is the most important part of a website, after completing the framework of the web design it is time to fill the website with appropriate content.   You can hire a web development company for placing content in right alignment conforming to the design framework. Content is the main factor which attracts the users […]

Most popular small CSS frameworks to work with

Here are the most popular small CSS frameworks to work with   A number of web development company targets small or short projects which can be completed within a very short time. These kind of projects doesn’t require a large CSS framework such as the bootstrap, to make the work easier a lot of small […]

Best Ways To Improve your Website Speed

Imagine using the internet to open a particular website to check recipe or a social networking site, we have to wait and wait for the page to open, the waiting time became a habit of ours. Given a situation today, nobody would take the waiting for granted, there are so many options, even a 5sec […]