If you want to run your business in a smooth way, a client relationship management system is necessary. However, small business owners need not to invest on expensive CRM system. There are a number of CRM systems available in the market, which will come under your budget and work just fine to keep a track of your business and clients.

There is a misconception regarding customer relationship management (CRM) software that they are not well suited for small business, as it needs proper IT support and applications meant for big enterprises. Recently the concept is changing as the latest CRM system is designed to function according to the needs of small or medium enterprises.


The latest client relationship management systems are made lightweight and with added functionality to cater small business requirements. They are easy to maintain and not expensive at all. The new CRM keep a track of every customer details and gives a user-friendly interface to access the details whenever you want. It helps save a lot of time delivering the exact function asked by the user.


Let us look at the 3 best CRM system with social integration fit to serve small business requirements.


Batchbook– It is cloud based client relationship management software. The owner of the company or any other team member whoever has access to the user log in, can access the software from anywhere to view client details. One can simply import the existing client contact from spreadsheets or from any other source where you keep your client details.


Batchbook gives a number of choices to properly arrange your customer details; it also helps to determine how the clients are related to each other and what can really help you close the deal. Arrange client list by their location, last contact date or other such customized filter categories. One can also acquire details about customers from their Facebook profile accessed within the software interface.


Get easy access to the communication history with every client, record emails, stick notes to specific conversations and chat with the other users sharing contacts or other details about a particular client. The unique task system enables one to assign task to other members keep a track of conversations held with client at different point of times.


Zoho CRM – This CRM system helps to keep track of sales, track client social profile. It concentrates on the customer rather than data. The unique feature of the Zoho CRM is the opportunity-tracking tool that gives a detailed data of sales. Starting from when the deal started, complete sales history, size of the deal, etc. Besides, you can keep a track on the competitor and have access to their information.


The Note Section displays information of time and details of past conversation; it helps to reconnect with the customers more personally.


Zoho CRM system enables you to synchronize mails and other important documents stored in Google drive. Other benefits of using this client relationship management are you can export events from scheduled Google calendar; synchronize with your Gmail account, get business leads from various Google sites using the Web forms. It helps to connect or share information of clients with other users of the CRM or even Gmail.


Zoho is available in mobile edition as well, so good news for those who use iOS, Android and blackberry operating systems. Users of this CRM system can fetch information from different sources such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Nimble– This unique CRM system helps to manage social contacts of employees, clients, and partners. It helps to keep secure every conversation you have with your contacts over email, Skype, twitter or any other medium. You can manage all your contacts in a single screen in this CRM platform. The Contact Manger feature lets you add people or company profiles as contact to obtain messages from emails and other medium of communication. One can create event simultaneously managing the upcoming events, tasks to be completed or already completed.


The best part of this client relationship management is it keeps the users up-to-date. Every individual is aware what the other users are doing, for example who is connecting with which client, which tasks are pending, which is priority, etc. It lets the team function in a cooperated way so that they can easily look at the conversations took place earlier; it helps to divide the task equally among the users.