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Why hire a Digital Marketing agency for Facebook ads

Why hire a Digital Marketing agency for Facebook ads?

Digital marketing has taken on a central role in the modern media landscape. It fuels the web as we know it today, from social media to blogs to digital video behemoths like YouTube. Digital advertising allows personalized advertising to reach almost everyone with an internet connection, the fact that the services are free allows for..

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lead generation in digital marketing

What is Lead Generation in digital marketing? – An Efficient Guide

One careful step while building up the sales funnel of your business is to save the business from being annoying and disruptive to potential buyers. And a common cause of such annoyance and disruption is ‘cold calling’. Although a traditional form of lead generation, business calls made to individuals (of course, they are unsolicited ones)..

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landing page design

Landing Page Design: Things to keep in mind when designing one

Landing Page. You do justice to that name when you are successfully able to land visitors to your website. The website being the online purchasing window of your business, ultimately gains when these ‘landers’ effectively convert into customers. That’s the entire purpose of a landing page design. Whilst you’re planning to design a landing page..

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Machine Learning in SEO

How Machine Learning is Contributing to SEO Evolution

The world of SEO is standing on constantly shifting plates. How to leverage Machine learning in SEO is the new talk. All the theories and technical SEO you were following last year are obsolete today. It is because of the rapid intervention of machine learning. The number of online media consumers is growing rapidly, so..

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ecommerce web development india

Building Your WordPress Website From Scratch

Dreaming of owning a business? Consider yourself freed from the hacks of selecting a conventional store, its location, or the look and feel of your brick-and-mortar store! Online shopping is the best alternative to conventional store hunting these days. It’s not about the post-pandemic days only. Even before the virus scare, about a whopping 50%..

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Do you think Google has to worry about Amazon strategies?

It is right to say that Amazon is gearing up to challenge Google in the ecommerce sphere and it is likely to win the race soon. A very influential person from the Silicon Valley Mr Bill Gurley, who is often regarded as the technology’s top deal maker in the venture industry, did an intense interview..
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4 Ecommerce Challenges Solved by Product Listing with Search Quality Analysis

Currently, eCommerce is the fastest growing market with a huge number of customers worldwide. It is important to streamline eCommerce product catalog management to stay ahead of competitors. But what is catalog management? Ecommerce catalog management is not just about adding new products and their relevant information like accurate description and images but also optimizing..
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E-Commerce Call Centre Outsourcing: Is It Necessary?

It is undeniable that the last decade saw the emergence of eCommerce and its smooth acceptance by the public. Global giants like Amazon and eBay have influenced the buying habits of every household as well as impacted the economy in more than one way. However, there are many eCommerce platforms and standalone online stores which..
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When to Hire Ecommerce Customer Service Outsourcing Company

In the last couple of years, we all saw the birth and growth of big eCommerce players like Amazon, eBay, etc. These have fairly changed the common man’s buying habits as well as made far and wide impact on the global economy. However, each day new eCommerce startups emerge, with the aim of catering to..
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Hire Magento 2 developer for data migration

Migrating your online store from Magento 1 to Magento 2 The world has witnessed Magento 1’s EOL (End-of-Life) – 30th July 2020 being the official date for the purpose. Online store owners and website developers are therefore busy preparing themselves for the shift. The transition is, however, a lengthy one with (most importantly) a lot..
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