Currently, eCommerce is the fastest growing market with a huge number of customers worldwide. It is important to streamline eCommerce product catalog management to stay ahead of competitors.

But what is catalog management? Ecommerce catalog management is not just about adding new products and their relevant information like accurate description and images but also optimizing it for onsite search analysis as well as for Google bots.

Why catalog management is crucial for boosting conversion rates?

In most countries, the maximum amount of search traffic comes from Google. And this search engine processes trillions of search queries every year. Some of these searches take a customer to various eCommerce websites, even though the conversion rate is 2-3%.

ECommerce websites are facilitated with search engines as well. Their function is to offer relevant products based on keywords placed by customers. While sometimes the results are truly relevant but other time, incorrect product titles with inadequate keywords hinder in the discovery of the right product impacting the user experience and sales.

Therefore, eCommerce product listing involves optimization skills which can be a long haul and having an in-house team for the task is not cost-effective. For this purpose, big to small eCommerce businesses outsource product listing services to skilled offshore partners.

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Why product listing for on-site search is vital?

Most customers rely upon eCommerce sites to search for new products rather than Google. Two years ago, a report by Jumpshot revealed that Amazon dominated Google in product search. Today, eCommerce search tabs are equipped with auto-completion, auto-suggestion, and more. This helps customers to make quick decisions and has a positive impact on stores’ sales.

What is Search Quality Analysis?

When the same keyword is typed in two different search engines, they show different results. Because these have varied algorithmic structure and rank queries differently.

This is similar to eCommerce search engines as well. While some stores would show the bestsellers, a different store would display relevant products. Thus, making on-site search the key difference among eCommerce players.

Search Quality Analysis helps make adjustments to the on-site search; structure the search in relevance to the searched keyword. This process is done by registering search queries from users within a specified time. The overall procedure is conducted by a professional to make product discovery easier.

Why is Search Quality Analysis important?

A single item is termed differently by different customers. Like smartwatches are also termed as fitness bands. And if you search for pullovers, Amazon will show sweatshirts. Optimizing queries will make sure customers find the right item no matter what they spell it.

Search Quality Analysis in a nutshell:

  • Makes varied keywords searched, understandable.
  • Help in a systematic analysis of semantics and foreign languages.
  • Helps in streamlining the vast number of products.
  • Improves auto-complete and auto-suggestion.

Product listing with Search Quality Analysis can solve

Product Discovery Issues

For any eCommerce player to compete in this marketplace, offering the most relevant products in the shortest time is important. And for that, leveraging search quality analysis is a must. By analyzing a million keywords, online stores’ products can rank with any keyword searched.
Product discovery improvement is a proven measure leading to increased conversions and enhanced customer experience.

  • Resolves Product Not Found IssueWhen search engines fail to display products based on keywords, the “Product Not Found” problem arises. Analyzing the plethora of keywords searched by customer help online stores improve search results. Thus
    making the ‘product not found’ issue obsolete.
  • Aid multilingual search for customersECommerce stores cater to the needs of customers on a global basis. Search Quality Analysis trains search engines to provide relevant search results, irrespective of the global location and language.
    For instance, in some places ‘cell’ is a battery, and in other places ‘cell’ is a mobile device. Hence optimizing is necessary for relevant results to appear.
  • Streamlines voice search irrespective of accent

According to data, 2 out of 5 adults use voice search in a day. As of now, Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant are surging through the market making voice search more obvious. These devices have complete access to everything on the internet, including eCommerce. However, one major challenge in voice search is the accent.
It is necessary to optimize search engines for a variety of accents to overcome this. And it can be achieved by expert search quality analysis services.

Wrapping Up

On-site search is a vital part of the eCommerce atmosphere and will be there no matter how advanced the technology gets. Search Quality Analysis will help online stores solve the existing problems and prepare for the upcoming issues. More online stores can serve customers around the world, unhindered, with professional product listing with search quality analysis services.

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