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Do you think Google has to worry about Amazon strategies?

It is right to say that Amazon is gearing up to challenge Google in the ecommerce sphere and it is likely to win the race soon. A very influential person from the Silicon Valley Mr Bill Gurley, who is often regarded as the technology’s top deal maker in the venture industry, did an intense interview..
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4 Ecommerce Challenges Solved by Product Listing with Search Quality Analysis

Currently, eCommerce is the fastest growing market with a huge number of customers worldwide. It is important to streamline eCommerce product catalog management to stay ahead of competitors. But what is catalog management? Ecommerce catalog management is not just about adding new products and their relevant information like accurate description and images but also optimizing..
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7 Design Elements your E-commerce site needs to Increase Conversions

The golden rule of owning a high selling e-commerce website is to satisfy customer from the product section of its checkout and delivery. The customers like to select the products and check out within minutes. So, you have to simplify the whole shopping process to indulge the customers. A simple and flawless website design can..
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Finding Profitable Products for Selling on Amazon

Technology is ruling our lives, when it comes to our social circle over FB and Skype or just a shopping spree through various shopping portals, in today’s world, technology has become an important part of your lives. After Google, Amazon is the only place people are going to shop online. Studies showed 60% of consumers start..
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