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E-Commerce Call Centre Outsourcing: Is It Necessary?

It is undeniable that the last decade saw the emergence of eCommerce and its smooth acceptance by the public. Global giants like Amazon and eBay have influenced the buying habits of every household as well as impacted the economy in more than one way. However, there are many eCommerce platforms and standalone online stores which..
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When to Hire Ecommerce Customer Service Outsourcing Company

In the last couple of years, we all saw the birth and growth of big eCommerce players like Amazon, eBay, etc. These have fairly changed the common man’s buying habits as well as made far and wide impact on the global economy. However, each day new eCommerce startups emerge, with the aim of catering to..
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How can outsource customer service help your business during the pandemic

The evolving pandemic, coronavirus has made us face new challenges and unforeseen disruptions. Several parts of the world are under complete lock down to stop the spread. This lightning contagion has impacted businesses, from global companies to local start-ups. The new work environment is challenging but not all companies have the infrastructure to handle remote..
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What is SLA and its role in customer service outsourcing

“SLA or Service Legal Agreement is an integral part of IT vendor contract” is how the saying goes and it is proven that companies who maintain SLAs see higher ROI from their outsourcing strategy. But what is SLA and how does it function? Why is it important to every outsource customer service agency? Before we..
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