In the last couple of years, we all saw the birth and growth of big eCommerce players like Amazon, eBay, etc. These have fairly changed the common man’s buying habits as well as made far and wide impact on the global economy.

However, each day new eCommerce startups emerge, with the aim of catering to various industries and retail customers. However, some see light with years of struggle but sadly the failure rate is considerably high.

Experts claim other than technology as the first determining factor for success, customer support comes a near second. And by customer support service we mean, prompt and efficient team of individuals.

An unsatisfied customer can have a grave impact on business’ growth and image. Here, in this article, we shall discuss the importance of an efficient customer support system and why hiring an eCommerce customer service outsourcing company can help you save as well as ensure round the clock expert service.


That being said, here is when your business needs an outsourcing partner –

1. If you have an eCommerce startup

At the very beginning of a startup, the team headcount is generally low. Your business is new in the market and to grow, focusing on the essentials is vital, marketing being one of them.

At this point, the customer base too is small and manageable. However, when customers increase in number, you will be requiring 24/7 support to solve their queries, which translates to more hiring and additional office expense too.


The AI chatbox can cater to basic customer questions but for personalized support, you need real people at the desk.

Research claims, the majority of B2C clients make more purchases due to impressive customer service.


As a startup, setting up an in-house customer support team is costlier. Therefore, customer service outsourcing is a trend and mind you, even Amazon has outsourced a major chunk of its support cell.


Also, if your business caters to worldwide customers, from various nations and languages, considering outsourcing can be a huge help.


2. If you need skilled individuals, faster

A customer support team requires certain abilities. They are supposed to represent your brand image. Creating an in-house team is possible, but it would require HR personnel for screening and a team of experts for training as well. The technical requirements still remain and the need for proper infrastructure like computers, headsets, and engineers to troubleshoot networking issues.

This is a long process and a daunting task. Most business heads avoid it altogether and straight away opt for outsourcing.


A customer service outsourcing company is built for this very purpose. Their team has trained 24/7 virtual assistants and technical experts, trainers, and advance cloud technology to ensure uninterrupted service as well as the required software to check performance metrics and timely reporting for an efficient customer support system.


3. If you are not ready to splurge too much on customer support

This is a known fact that customer service outsourcing is cost-effective. The logic is simple. You pay an outsourcing company just for the hours they work and not the usual additional benefits you provide for your in-house team. These companies also do not charge you for the technical team, HR staff, or the trainers involved in your process. If that would have been the case, outsourcing would have been much costlier and gone out of business.

Not just customer support, outsourcing non-core functionalities is cost-saving like Amazon product listing service.


4. If you need multilingual support

A startup would not always remain a startup. It would grow and eventually spread worldwide. With a multi-language customer support team, you can be sure to resolve any customer issue with ease.


Outsourcing companies are in this line of business for several years. They provide representatives with multilingual abilities for voice as well as chat support.


Partnering up with a remote team would let a business scale smoothly with budget-friendly back-office solutions apart from 24/7 voice support.


Outsourcing services have been the most tactical measures in the present time. Most successful companies have benefited through this. If you are a startup, hire a customer service outsourcing company to ensure a better conversion rate with efficient, round the clock, customer support by experts.