Outsource eCommerce services for Amazon, Ebay Walmart store

TechnoKrats specializes in 24/7 virtual assistance for eCommerce store management service from product listing to managing orders, resolving disputes over phone, chat and mails with preparing daily reports.

eCommerce store management service

Looking for ways to increase sales? Outsource your eCommerce store management service so that you have more time to work on new business ideas or new marketing strategies. For every online business, the most crucial aspect is providing advance and efficient customer experience ranging from product merchandising, order management to redressal. Technokrats specialises in providing eCommerce support services for Ebay, Amazon, Walmart & Shopify. Our E Commerce account managers are well versed with the intricacies of product uploading in major international portals ranging from feed file formats, image requirements, inventory, pricing updates, size, variations, parent SKUs, and much more. Our account specialists provide 24/7 virtual assistance to manage orders within the stipulated time frame, liason with vendors, resolve disputes over phone, chat and mails, handle returns & refunds and prepare daily reports. We are aware of the importance of customer reviews and metrics that influence the reputation and success of the store.

Outsource your E commerce store management service – 24/7 virtual assistance
Order Management, Tickets, Listing QC and almost all the verticals like Credits, Claims, Returns messaging, Voice and Chat support

  • Order Management: Handling everything from the stage when the customer places an order and until the order is out for shipment. This includes vendor follow-ups, tracking updates etc.
  • Tickets: Handling tickets include any query that a customer may have, it may be pre or post product sale. All VAs have good English writing skills and also use canned response to save time.
  • Credits: This part includes all types of refunds. Sometimes the refund is made where the customer misunderstands the listing and files return request (Total order amount minus 20% restocking fee and the shipping charge). Every guideline and parameters are followed before making the refund.
  • Claims: This includes all the claims that are being filed by the customer in the Marketplaces (A to Z, Resolution center etc) and the ones filed with the vendors to get credits or send out replacement etc. We have witnessed the “out of blue” claims, which are sometimes fun to handle.
  • Return Requests: Customers may not like the items or may have received the wrong one from the vendor and filed a return. We work it out over a call with the customer and the vendor as the situation requires. Negotiating with irate customers with a personal touch is routine work for us.
  • Listing QC: This part requires to check listings based on the Vendor and the Marketplace and match both to make sure the customer receives what is ordered that may require assigning a New ASIN to an Item, assigning an existing listing to a SKU or Using the UPC to update the listing. With photoshop skills, we work on the image specifications and optimize title & description with vital keywords.
Why Technokrats?
    • We offer global standard delivery, innovation, and strategic alliance.
    • We have groups of domain experts who are specialized in clients’ business handling
    • We offer 24/7 support services for the clients
    • We offer additional VAs for handling increased orders
    • Daily reporting, quality checks and VA training
    • We ensure 100% control on the security, accountability, and privacy.
    • We offer strong governance over monitoring employee performances, accountability as well as privacy