Content is the most important part of a website, after completing the framework of the web design it is time to fill the website with appropriate content.


You can hire a web development company for placing content in right alignment conforming to the design framework. Content is the main factor which attracts the users and helps in building huge traffic for the site, just an impressive web design alone cannot pull huge crowds. Interesting content which serves many purposes for the users can really bring about the expected traffic which turns into revenue. Content as a whole includes, images, blog, web content, videos, graphic images, etc.

When you contact a web development company for your

website project, it’s not only about development and designing in fact they offer a whole package of web development and content management. If you decide to provide your own contents that’s well and good, but if you are confused about which content may actually prove fruitful for your business, wait no more and consult with the web developers for an expert solution.


Make limited number of pages- Limited number of pages help you organize the content in a more intact way. Less number of pages are also a good advantage in navigation, Viewers will find it easy to get what they are looking for, and you can share all the information in one page so that the viewers don’t have to browse between pages.


Impressive homepage– Homepage is the gateway of your website, thus ask the web developer to build a stunning homepage amalgamating design and other useful features. A visitor is led to different destinations from your homepage, so make sure you have a proper navigation plan to direct people without much fuss.


Landing page– No matter how impressive work the web development company does, remember a website never rank on search engines, what does is a web page. Thus, take your time to decide what will be your landing page and start putting much stress on it. It is time consuming to actually optimize every page and able to land them on the first page of SERPs.


Engaging content– You must have heard about the phrase that content is king. It is only half true, the content is definitely important, but presenting it is also one important part of gaining good traffic. Things which are pleasing to eyes have a tendency to be sold more than ordinary looking things. Thus, besides writing engaging content, take care of the way it is presented.


Search engine optimization– SEO helps you achieve greater visibility of the web pages. Ask your web developer to place the content in accordance with the SEO norms. Prepare content, including proper keyword and placing them at the right places, use bullet points, bold and italic font for highlighting. Proper use of H1, H2 headings, etc matters a lot in search engine optimization.


Use of images and videos– A web designer can help you make some useful images and videos and place it in the appropriate location in the website. Make sure the size of the file is not too big as it may slow down the website speed.


Spelling and grammar check– Your content should be flawless, the use of puns and intended sarcasm can be accepted, but huge spelling mistakes and inappropriate sentence construction is certainly not acceptable. You don’t have to use bomb blasting words in order to make your content impressive, simple language used in the best way can easily spread your message that you intend to preach.


Social media content– Content for social media is not descriptive or lengthy, here you have to understand the vibe of your audience and prepare impressive one liners to get attention of your audiences. The web development company you are working with can add social buttons and recent post or tweet links on your website for a quick link.