Here are the most popular small CSS frameworks to work with


A number of web development company targets small or short projects which can be completed within a very short time. These kind of projects doesn’t require a large CSS framework such as the bootstrap, to make the work easier a lot of small CSS frameworks are available nowadays which one can use for small projects.


Working on a small CSS framework has a lot of advantages such as the web developer don’t have to depend on Javascript for super functionality, the web users will experience fast loading web pages, and web developers may find this as a learning experience.


Listed below are 5 small CSS framework that is probably less than 5KB in size (compressed or zipped) including all the necessary functions to create responsive web designs.


Pure is an open source framework developed by Yahoo developers. It is a set of CSS modules which helps in building responsive websites in a jiffy. It was crafted keeping in mind mobile devices, it is very small in size, in fact, if one decided to use the subset modules the size gets even smaller. You will get a number of things on this set of modules such as HTML elements, grid layouts, buttons, table, navigation menu as well.


• Build on normalize.css which provides conventional styling and layout for HTML elements • Fully responsive, allowing to look great on every screen size. • You can write your own applications • Create beautiful, responsive layouts using grid and menu.


It is a popular CSS framework used by many web developers to create new responsive designs. It has a useful grid system and styles for incorporating html elements. It is light weight and can be easily installed.

• 12 column fluid grid, which shrinks according to the screen size easily.

• Option of adding standard buttons or vibrant ones • Fit in the forms without compromising • Built proper tables

Another small CSS framework Basscss consists of 22 modules overall. It has a superb grid system, utility classes for additional information and guidance, it weighs about 4kb which is super light. It helps building responsive designs in a much easier way.


• Easy coding saves time and effort • Avoid common CSS pitfalls • Flexible and consistent prototype for fine designing • Lightweight and flexible style for responsive design


Made to fit modern user interfaces, it is only supported in the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, and Opera. It has a grid system which uses FlexBox. It is a set of styles which helps a web developer to start designing a responsive site from the beginning. It consists of a few properties which helps in clean coding.


• Mobile first strategy for better visibility on mobile devices • Supports the latest browser version • Features include- grid, buttons, typography, tables, utilities, etc.

Picnic css

Picnic CSS written in Saas is a lightweight framework. It allows you to edit and customize different variables with ease. It has CSS components such as modal window and even a content slider.


• Easy modification with the help of modular feature • You can use this framework in any project if installed with bower. • Great for mobile responsiveness with fast loading speed • Open source framework