Imagine using the internet to open a particular website to check recipe or a social networking site, we have to wait and wait for the page to open, the waiting time became a habit of ours. Given a situation today, nobody would take the waiting for granted, there are so many options, even a 5sec time gap will make the net surfer to move towards another website.


Thus, we can see that even a second counts when you are in online competition. If you have an existing website, or going to make one, ask the web development company to pay attention to the site’ speed as it may help improve the conversion rate.


There a number of ways to improve your site’s peed so that you don’t miss the potential customers. Following are some of the points which can help fasten the speed of your website. Check out what are they:


Site performance– A site is comprised of coding, design and other graphic contents, we can easily manipulate them to help the site work faster. HTTP requests may slow you down, so check what is eating up your time. Ask the web development company to check the inner working of a site to detect the problem. Another way is to keep the coding as less as possible. Your web developer may get rid of the unwanted characters existing in the coding, also try to put all the CSS in one particular style sheet.


Image optimization– Texts are relatively light in codes, so no matter how much word you put into the site won’t slow down, but what really can affect the site’s speed is images. Quality high definition images can be very heavy and take a longer time to upload eventually making the site’s speed slow. The best way is to compress the image size or use other graphical content in place of the high quality. Remove a bunch of high quality pictures and use animation instead.


Optimizing social feed– Social media is very important to generate traffic, that’s a fact. And probably the web development company you are working with have included social buttons in the web pages for better sharing and connecting options. But do you have any idea that the Facebook or Twitter buttons can be the real cause for slowing down your website. One cannot just remove them from the site, but what one can really do is to load the widgets in a less synchronized way. This way independent buttons can reload themselves without being dependent on one another.


Select the best hosting service for your website After taking a precise look at the inner workings of the site, go back to where you started from. From selecting the theme to domain registration and hosting. Choose the best plan or web hosting services. Premium hosting service can really make a difference in your site.


So if you want to gain positive revenue for your website, make sure you are working with the right web development company who can help you maintain a good speed of your site by implementing effective methods.