JQuery is used to build a number of websites today and the reason behind this is that it has a lot of added features that a web design company can use to enhance the website viewing experience for the visitors. JQuery not only makes the site easier to view, but adds the cool quotient to the site as well.

Web design company gets appreciation for their designs and creativity, even if one has the idea, it’s hard to actually use the idea on the website, don’t worry, there is no need to limit your imagination when it comes to web design, simply look for Jquery plugin and you will find the best compatible plugin that will give wings to your creativity.



Following are 6 jQuery plugin that is really helpful for web design purposes:


1. Skippr– A slider element in a website is very popular nowadays, in almost every dynamic web design, a slider is included which adds a unique dimension to the website. SKippr is very popular among web designers that helps in creating light and fast slideshows.


2. Datedropper– If you are booking a rail ticket or movie tickets, input of date is really very important. Datedropper is a very useful jQuery plugin which helps to adjust the date input display in quick and easy way. It works fine in every latest version of the browser. You can change the style by manipulating the CSS in datedropper folder.


3. Restive.JS– A Web design company is approached mostly for making responsive websites. If you are working on a jQuery framework, the Restive.JS plugin will be appropriate to add responsiveness in the website. Advanced Breakpoints Management, Using Device Detection, and Orientation Management, this plugin enhances the ability of website to remain compatible with devices of different display sizes.


4. Simple Lightbox-An image gallery is an important feature in every website, this jQuery plugin helps to add hyperlinks on the image. Makes the image responsive and easily customizable with different add-ons and widgets.


5. Readable– Readable is jQuery plugin which helps to create a favorable sized content for better readability.


6. jQuery lightgallery– It uses CSS to resize images and videos thus making it an easy and flexible plugin for application. It includes some of the useful modules, also you can remove the modules you don’t want to use.


Apart from the above mentioned jQuery plugins there are other different plugins that can help you create more interesting and creative design elements.