5 reasons to redesign your outdated website


In today’s online age, to impress at the very first glance a great website is required very much. If the website is not generating the output it is supposed to make, then surely it’s time to think about redesigning your existing website. Wondering where to start and how to start the redesigning process? Don’t worry you can find some great Web Design Company in Kolkata who will be happy to guide you throughout the whole process.


What is redesign?


A Lot of people get the meaning of “redesigning” in a wrong way. It doesn’t mean to change the whole website, but to improve it in various ways. The changes are done to get the desired output from the site, such as creating a broader customer base, get more revenue from ad sense, meet sales target etc, by adding new features, changing the design, working on Search engine optimisation, etc. There are a number of things, even sometime very minute changes can play a crucial role in website development, an experienced web developer can help evaluate the changes that are required in your website to get a new fresh look and profitable results.


If you’re website is doing just fine, the redesigning idea could halt, there stands no reason to work in a website that is already doing well. But when your profit chart isn’t moving upwards, it gives a reason to think.


1. Your website has been at a stagnant position for days

You have a great looking website and invested a subsequent amount on the website developing but it is not giving out any desired result. What’s the use of such a glamorous website when it not filling your pockets at all. If the site is not making you happy it’s time to redesign. Get hold of a Web Design Company in Kolkata and start working out together to achieve higher goals.


  • Improve conversion rate
  • A more effective call to action slogan
  • Interesting stuff to persuade the visitor turn into a lead
  • Match the site with your company’s spirit and business.
  • Give the visitor a good reason why they should take your service or product, leave a clear message for the audience.


2. Your business is taking a turn

From just a port folio site you are taking it all the way online. Well, the idea of ecommerce is great and when you are taking such a big leap, the website also needs some dramatic changes as well. Consult with a creative web designer in Kolkata to work out the best strategies for a perfect ecommerce site.


  • Adding a shopping cart
  • Giving the audience a smooth shopping experience
  • Add features like save for later, wish list, etc
  • Easy and secure payment gateway
  • Adding a blog can also help in maintaining a relation with your visitors simultaneously optimising the site.


3. Making it responsive


More than 20% of the traffic is generated through mobile devices. And believe us; the percentage is going to increase in a great rate in the coming future. Every individual carries a smart phone nowadays and with the mobile applications flooding the online market, mobile users are utilising the advantages of responsiveness. To grab the opportunity to impress a huge percentage of mobile shoppers, a responsive website is very much needed indeed.


      • Adjust display on every electronic device like notepads, tablets, mobile device or desktop.
      • It is an cost effective option , as one doesn’t have to spend extra on mobile application
      • Works well for search engine optimisation of the site


4. Content management

Taking suggestion from a well known Web Design Company in Kolkata will only enhance your experience of website developing. Content is a major factor in any website be it just a simple port folio site or an ecommerce site. Images, content, videos, or any other graphical presentation should be in proper alignment so that it adds more star to the beauty of the website rather than bringing down the whole aura of it. It is very tricky to place the content on the right place, and no one better than an expert can handle this best.


  • Improving content makes it more visually appealing to the visitor
  • It adds more to the optimisation of the site
  • Great content is easily recognised by search engine leading the visitors to your site, make sure to use this opportunity quite smartly.


5. Improve functionality

A number of other plug-ins is now available to give a better website experience, if you have installed them make sure they are updated. It is important to choose the right tool as they can slow down the website. Obsolete tools are no less good than dead. So find the best tools that support your site frame and works wonder for improving the functionality of the site. Or you can just hire Web Design Company in Kolkata to take the responsibility of making your site run at great horsepower speed.