The blog is the most useful online marketing tactics nowadays. Every website developer makes it a point to add a blog page on every website as it gives enormous advantages. From fresh content daily to spreading a word about your business, blog can be a most powerful weapon to set upright an online business. So if you still don’t have a blog section in your blog, it’s time to add it now.

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Let us see different ways a blog helps a website:

Generate more traffic for your site


We all know there are two types of search 1) Organic and 2) Inorganic. A company works hard on search engine optimization to make the website visible on the search engines and get a good rank. Without a blog it turns out to be very difficult to solely depend upon SEO marketing to achieve a higher rank. Adding a blog section will increase the inorganic search by great margins. One blog post means one additional page or URL for your site, which directly leads to the site. This way one can get more traffic. Blogs may contain useful information for readers, news about your services or new product launch etc.


Connect with people


A blog is an essential tool for search engine marketing. A very few people would type the URL of your site to visit the site. That percentage is way too low, so here is how a blog plays its vital role by redirecting the readers to the site.


  • Blog commenting
  • Newsletter
  • Get registered emails


If you post a useful blog, people who find it relevant will come and read the post and ask questions or give suggestion. Blogging is a great way to connect with people. To think logically, it is impossible to invite viewers to go through the same content of your site, on the contrary, if you have a new blog post every day, viewers will come to your site on a regular basis. This is a great way to establish a healthy relationship with the readers and engage with them.


Blog helps increase content in your site


The most helpful benefit of adding blogs to your site is it enables you to include more content on the site. You would start wondering how adding content can help the site in SEO marketing, the answer is more content means more relevant content for the site, it means more keywords, and these two things are what the search engines evaluate first. Related content and proper use of keyword will help your blog to fall in the first page of search engines. Interested people will visit your site to seek your service or products.


Convert traffic into leads


Even if you create a free blog it can help earn a good amount via AdSense. Apart from that 10 out of 100 visits turns into lead and they can turn into potential clients after initial discussions. How can you ask people to come to your site?


  • Invite through emails
  • Send SMS
  • Direct calls

All these are expensive and time occupying methods to convince the reader. Whereas blogs doesn’t require any investment, just a thoughtful write-up which helps the reader in any way could convince them to visit your site and turn into a lead.


The call to action button or hyperlinked text can redirect the reader to the home page or service page.

SEO benefits


As mentioned earlier, blog is the best SEO marketing tool which can help your site get higher ranks without investing huge amounts. Yes, there are a number of paid services which can give a more fruitful output. Moreover, a blog can be shared in all the social networking sites. Like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc. It becomes monotonous to share the same link over and over again, so it is better to share new interesting posts which the viewers will look with enthusiasm.


To conclude, we can tell apart from the five advantages mentioned above, there are other benefits of including a blog section on the site. Blogging isn’t just a hobby, one can turn it into a source of income as well. So if you are still thinking of adding a blog into site, do it now. If you don’t know how to make a blog, an SEO company can help you build that.