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Online Advertising

Online advertising, also called Internet advertising or online marketing, is a style of marketing and advertising for the product or service of vendor or manufacturer through the Internet to publish promotional campaigns to consumers or esteemed consumers. It includes email marketing, search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing, many types of display advertising (including web..
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Design thinking – The psychology for ‘Design from within’

The psychology of designers has a vivid concentration on ‘design from within’. That means the skill is innovative with creativity, rationality and empathy to produce a state-of-the-art design for the user. Designing is an art that speaks a lot for whom the design is being made. It is a combination of graphics art with creativity..
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e-Commerce site – characteristic features

In concern with website development, e-commerce sites development is becoming most popular and creative task for the developers. An e-commerce site is your online store to merchandise and sell products to customers and get payments from them online. This saves your establishment cost, running inventory and daily expenses, tracking advertisements, space management and a lot..
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Best reasons to choose ‘technoKrats’ as your web developer

Quality Service If you are in Complete Website Development business including web designing, web development, Web applications with social and mobile API, and SEO and if the business is outsourcing to offshore, the quality of the service is most important criteria. In technokrats, we are very much careful about the quality of our end product...
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Understanding Responsive Website Design

In the era of globalization and cloud computing, we know that having a website is essential for every business. However the purpose of having a website is defeated if users are unable to download your site on their mobile browsers while you are available on computers. With growing number of mobile internet users moving from..
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Why Responsive Website Design is Essential

We all know that how website is important for business owners, whether they are sole owners working from home or retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, etc. However the purpose of building your website is defeated if readers are unable to find your site on their mobiles while you look pretty on the desktop. With tech companies like ..
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