Quality Service

If you are in Complete Website Development business including web designing, web development, Web applications with social and mobile API, and SEO and if the business is outsourcing to offshore, the quality of the service is most important criteria. In technokrats, we are very much careful about the quality of our end product. There are several parameters in each step for quality checking. We train and educate our techno-mates – technokrats-associates, web developers and web designers the way they would keep the quality prior in mind. Our Project Managers and Q/A believe rather in 100% accuracy, not a bit less than that; because we hate to keep phrases like “percentage grace in accuracy” in our dictionary.

State-of-the-art technology

We believe in implementation of latest technologies and technical aspirations. In every aspects of hardware, software – especially OS, graphics design platforms and software, latest CMS & CMF, ultra-modern custom coding and programming languages our target is to run the system with up-to-date modules and equipments to create an identical product. We are even capable of creating our own AMF, to create custom-built products. We keep 24×7 power back-up and fastest available internet connections to run the system smoothly.


Experienced Management team

Our process is in the hand of experts with huge experience in this BPO industry. We choose experienced project managers, trainers, client liaison officers including business development managers to co-ordinate everything with a wining and collaborating spirit that ends with a professional satisfaction to both our working associates and clients. Our managers specializes to build the team perform like a bunch of geese flying for a focused destination.


Professional team work with web designers, web developers& search engine optimizer

We are enriched with experts from different required fields as graphics designers, web developers, programmers, SEO specialists and content writers for digital marketing. But, on enhancing our work culture we believe in co-ordination – every associate’s activity should complement the fellow associates of the team. All the specialists work as a team as all their jobs are complementary to each other to finalize the end product in this industry. That is the way we are tied up with ourselves with communication and attachment. Whoever the experienced may be in the team is always ready to cover the youngest in reaching client’s deadline.


Absolute focus on client success criteria – On-time delivery

Our focus is to be innovative to put the focus on the project. We keep focus on our work, maintain quality, complete and deliver the project within time. We have several amusement process, several trainings on concentration and efficiency building, everything aimed to increase focus and concentration of our associates. We always believe on delivering products in time so that you need not to face any unwanted situation with your customers.


No Compromise with Client’s interests

We prefer to client’s interest as whatever the situation arise we aim to satisfy client’s needs. We listen to the client very carefully so that every bit of his expectation would grow in our mind to produce the same that he wants. In a sudden, if required, we can increase man power, work shift, technological estimations to reach the goal. Whatever, the client would require or change or motivate we perform that as soon as possible with a view what impact this product is going to create for our client. We think on client’s view, that’s why there is no compromise to his interest.

Transparency and ethics

We work and intimate with clients enriched with our professional ethics. Not only the data that he keeps with us, we maintain ethics to every aspect of the client related or even not related to the current project. We like to keep the transparency with the deal and so on we prefer to manipulate everything in a legal form. It is our pride that once who has been worked with us as our client remains forever for any requirement. The reason is we can always maintain systemic relationship with client regarding database, design, developmental special characters, testing, end-product, or even the payment.


Competitive Cost

The term ‘competitive cost’ is not only relative to the costs available for a project in the market. We consider a cost is competitive to our client when he receives a top quality end product in exchange of his payment made to us. We value his needs not the payment. That is the reason we get clients from our existing client’s reference. It is being well-known that here you can avail an obvious future facilitated end-product against a logical pricing.


Goodwill and Trust – the utmost relationship

Trust is something an interdependence between the service provider, I e, us and the client. We can advise, once the primary talk is over and deal is made with us just count your time for the delivery. We can even say if you would not bother to count relax and enjoy your time. We will contact you to receive the end-product before the final bell. We are running our services for about a decade and had been appreciated by everyone worked with us from every part of the world. Our goodwill is we have dignified ourselves as a brand of trust.


Join us if you want to experience a really affordable outsourcing to enhance the quality of your project.