We can strongly say that eCommerce trends have become the strongest trend in the digital web world to flourish in such a short time. It is like a boom of business which flourished the web arena in the year 2014 and it is likely to extend its circumference in the coming years. The online arena has given us many events to keep in memory, one of them is big billion day by Flipkart. Reckoning the huge success, new catch like Myntra and Jabong, along with other top ecommerce companies are gearing up to take online shopping to new elevations.

According to the latest marketing trends statistics, ecommerce has received maximum investment from potential business parties outnumbering established sectors like infrastructure or finance. In a country like India anything at first is highly criticized, ecommerce was no exception. But presently the scenario is changing quite rapidly.

As we are approaching towards an era where ecommerce is to dominate, the following trends are going to emerge simultaneously. Let us see what they are:

Mobile shopping


Most of the people own a smart phone that supports various applications. To get hold of the huge number of mobile users the top ecommerce sites have realized the importance of mobile application and hence have started to build their own application. A unique application will help mobile users to shop from their mobile devices itself. In fact, by installing the application one doesn’t need to open a browser, one can straight go to the application and start shopping. Getting an application for your business would rather be very beneficial as the number of mobile app users is increasing steadily.

Daily shopping at ecommerce site


Popular ecommerce site sell apparels, electronics, etc. But recently, the trend of buying grocery stuffs online has become immensely popular. People are so in love will online shopping that the trend of buying everyday use stuffs is increasing day by day. And so to meet the demand and give the customers a pleasant shopping experience, top ecommerce companies are preparing to introduce a grocery section in their sites. Imagine, ordering potatoes and lemon online, wouldn’t that be fantastic?

Well, there are some limitations on implementing grocery shopping facilities online as the expense of keeping the vegetables fresh is one major concern, also the cost of delivering vegetables would become a major concern.

Courier and postage will depend on ecommerce


The medium of communication is changing day by day, the hand written letters are now replaced by mails, chat and online messages. Similarly, we may witness a time when ecommerce trends is likely to take over the other forms of shopping. Courier industry will remain mainly dependent on this sector. Considering the huge business Amazon generates each and every year they have started their own logistic business to deliver products all around the world.


The postage system started to fall off with the onset of internet. But, quite astonishingly it is the web world which ultimately saved the life of postage system. It has now working as a courier vendor for ecommerce sites. Postage system is now helping in the delivery of products in different areas with the help of its rich network.

Every retailer be it small or big will start their venture in ecommerce


Every business man is trying to make big in their own sector. Most of them have understood the need of starting an ecommerce site as people really ignore going to the shops physically and buy stuffs when they are getting the freedom to sit at home and shop through thousands of products. The industries are fighting for their survival and thus doing whatever it takes to stand upright. Ecommerce is the new weapon that helps to fight competitors. Sources tell that the ecommerce industry is going to be a massive 90 billion by the year 2020. It won’t be wrong to invest in this sector at all.


By keeping an eye on the trend we can be sure that ecommerce is going to be the next big thing. So following the trend, one should choose a good ecommerce template and start building their own site to increase business revenue.