WordPress started off as a blogging platform, but recently it is giving abundant opportunities to turn any dull blog site into a captivating ecommerce site. A number of free WordPress plugin for building ecommerce is really helping new entrepreneurs build their dream projects quite easily without spending much.


There are a number of plugins which can help you build an impressive shopping cart, but one may get confused choosing amongst an array of plugins that are available. So, to clear your confusion, we have listed down 5 best plugin to help your ecommerce site that can really make a difference.

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Free plugins to create eCommerce site


It is probably the best free plugin that is widely used by most of the web developers. It comes with a number of great features that helps change an ordinary website into a revenue generating one. The best feature of woocommerce plugin is the collection of free themes that can be extended to fit the need of your site. Many big brands such as Harley Davidson and Cosmopolitan are also using this plugin.


  • Open source
  • Over 300 extensions
  • Stock tracking
  • Multiple variation for inventory


Easy digital downloads


This plugin is stuffed with features, the best part is it comes at absolutely no zero cost. There is no need to download a number of plugin and make the task more complicated. One can simply download the easy digital downloads plugin as it is a more useful option. The functional feature of this plugin is that it gives you a detailed analysis of your sales and profit by using interesting graphical system.



The best feature of this plugin is that it takes only a few minutes to integrate the Ecwid plugin. One can also keep track of the site in different other sites. Keep track of the sites in one single dashboard instead of working in individual dashboards. Each and every sale you make outside the site is saved directly in the database of the website.


  • Partnership with PayU
  • Sell anywhere you want
  • Add a store to the popular social networking sites
  • Responsive feature helps to run in tablets and mobile phones




This plugin was built by Jigowatt, a UK based web design agency. The outstanding feature of this plugin is that one can set up their store within a few minutes from the dashboard itself. You can choose from the 30 impressive themes that are totally customizable not only that there are a number of extensions as well.


  • Powerful SEO support
  • Great marketing tools
  • Easy to manage



Another popular eCommerce plugin is MarketPress which is built for WordPress. It is rich with features and easily customizable. It provides an easy user friendly shopping cart experience without using any extension or add-ons.