Do want to know “How to be a successful Content Writer”???

In today’s web world, especially when Web development and Internet marketing got a huge boom to accelerate, it is required to be more proficient with some focused skills to write good contents for them. Content is said to be the King because it reveals information and creates a communication with the viewers. It is the very raw material required for the Internet marketing and/or SEO promotions. There are many content writers working in this industry as freelancer or as with organization. Let us discuss a few opinions religiously if you really want to be an effective content writer.


1. Subject is most important.

You have to focus on a particular niche to be a renowned writer. Choose such a subject which you feel that you understand best, have studied most, and can gain more effective control over it if you research further. It will not be wise enough if you go for a topic which you have no idea about till date. It should be interesting to you and you have the ability to gain interest of others on this.


2. Headline to attract heads

Give an effective headline to your write-up. It should be carrying research keyword and follow the Meta description. This will help search engine to crawl through. You must have to think about the online promotion too, unless which you cannot stick into the competition. It should carry the extract of the write-up so that the viewer could understand what it contains and also would feel interested to go through the whole of the text.


3. Content rich

It must have a proper heading and Meta description. The write up should have a focus on the subject, should not be derailed from the topic, and straight to the point. The language should be simple to be understood by everyone. The length should be maintained according to the nature of the publication (420/440 to 1200/1250 words) and must have to insert related keywords per 100 words you consume.

You may be inspired from other’s writing but never try to copy paste the same. It will reduce your brand value as a creative writer. The content material has to be plagiarism checked and grammatically correct. You must use a special checker for grammar and spell check. Don’t try to insert much literature in the sentences. Keep them easily understandable by everyone, even a viewer with less expertise could understand the theme. Don’t insert any such words which meaning is not commonly available.

Never repeat a similar heading/topic so that it would cause a reading boredom. You must insert at least one related image to your write-up. It creates better understanding & attractive communication with the viewers


4. Rough work

Rough work is very important. Take a sheet of paper and create the frame of your writing in fresh mind. Compile points; try to keep the language in a conversation mood, direct dialect with the viewer. Don’t make it task under pressure. Read, write, correct, cut-off and re-write, re-write and then finalize writing with corresponding checking as mentioned before. My suggestion is to must have a proof check by a third party because it is not possible always to identify mistakes made by self. Don’t afraid to place your comments on discussions. In case of putting information be confirmed that it is 100% correct. I must say you must go through a fundamental research both online and offline to write something correct. Rather you have to be a reader first to right good contents.


5. Make a daily habit of writing

Try to write and post every day. This is the way actually how you will be familiar. The viewers will be more interested to read from yours. This will also help search engine tools and Google crawler to put your name on a high stamped. For everyday writing, keep it short because people does not want to read more, make it attractive, enriched with related content images because people want these things. Keep a fixed schedule to post so that your audience and future client would feel comfortable to find you.


6. Knowledge advancement is the key

The key to enrich your writing simply is knowledge. Enlarge your database on your subject; collect interesting information on your topic to present in different writings. It is recommended that if your are writing for 4 hours a day, keep at least 2 hours for reading and 2 hours for collecting information through research.


7.Honor what others say

Remember writing is a creative art and it has no limit; the same goes with professional content writingtoo. When you are writing professionally always take opinion of your team mates, fellow writers, clients and forum/social media mates. Remember every individual has a different view to judge your writing styles which have to be assorted and utilized for your own betterment. These opinions are priceless actually.


8. By attitude be a Professional

Be professional. Listen to your clients very carefully; make a proper research work related to your subject and make corrections systematically. Maintain proper client parameters, try to extract everything suggested by the client; complete the work with focus. The utmost last liner is if you make a promise to your client do all the needful by sacrificing everything to keep it intact.


9. Guides are ready to help you

You will find many experienced writers and expert critics in content writers forums, web communities and different social media profiles. They will be happy enough opining on your columns. Even you can take part in competitions that would signify your content writing brand value, technical knowledge, professional experience and self confidence.


10. Be a Good Writer

In this web world, writers are wanted with specialization in webpage content writing, blog writing, SEO content writing, Review writing, Press release writing, CV writing, AD-copy writing etc. In every field of common writing as I have mentioned before there are a little difference in style and presentation with the language. You must have to have a fair knowledge and conception on all the faculties but I would advise you to concentrate on a single or few to be a specialist. According to the characteristic of the web application or web site, the subject also changes like web technology writing, economics & social science writing, political writing, science and technology writing, historical writing, geographical & environmental writing, entertainment & page 3 writing etc.

Remember, once your writing is published in web world, it would require credentials from everyone from everywhere to make you a renowned content writer.

Good Luck!
See you soon with many readers’ credentials!