Do you want to start your own blog or build a portfolio website or start an online business using an open source cms software?

No matter what is the purpose, the first question that comes to our mind is which content management system one should be using that will give greater benefits. Open source CMS is becoming very popular nowadays and almost every developer loves to work on open source like PHP, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Opencart, etc. An open source cms come with loads of feature. With useful plugin and an array of themes to choose from, easy to use, less complex, open source has become the most usable web content management system.

Why use free cms?

There are a number of benefits of using open source management systems. Compared to the proprietary CMS they can actually give you a more flexible option which aids in building a smooth web function for you. Open source is a community forum where developers can meet, discuss and gain appreciation from peers which is very motivating for some people.



One can rely upon the open source platforms to face less error like data loss, sudden failure, etc. Often a website is seen to run abruptly not meeting the code’s demand, these problems are also often referred to as a bug in coding language. The software has its rapid fixation features which help resolve the problem. Experienced developers can fix the problem on their own or wait for the present version to get updated. Thus, one can be sure that if the software has some problem that needs to be fixed, it is done immediately or as fast as possible.


Audit option–

When you are using a free CMS software, naturally you are not bound by any bond by the software seller. And thus you don’t need to take any persimmon to make changes in the software. When you buy a software from any vendor, one has to take permission to make certain edits into it. Also, vendors can ask for extra payments to make further changes to the software in future.

Cost effective–

One can make use of the open source projects by paying absolutely no cost at all. The open source software requires no licensing for purchase and thus are very cost effective if you are on a tight budget. When someone is using a proprietary CMS they have to think of the total cost of ownership, which adds a burden to the expense list. There is no limit on usage, one can use the free cms unlimited time, which is not possible for a licensed content management system. They are also likely to be less hacked by other viruses.



The best part of using an Open source management is the freedom to make major or minor changes according to the need of a user. Licensed software won’t come with the feature of flexibility as one can charge for making changes to suit the customer needs. But in an open source cms one gets this feature absolutely free of cost. When you are using a free source, the control is totally in your own hands. The vendor cannot claim any charges or make any changes without your permission.

Greater support–

Unlike the usual relationship between the client and software vendor, open source content management system is totally different. The big software companies will have even larger legal contracts and if you happen to breach the contract you may have to pay huge compensation. So it’s better to use open source which doesn’t have any legal bounds.