Web Designing

It is not to mention that design plays a crucial role in website creation. It is the first thing a visitor finds and an attracting design can keep people stuck to a site. So the moment you are opt to get an online presence for your business, you have to think about clear and attractive design against your website or ad presentations. technoKrats can offer you beautiful at the same time purposeful custom web designing or template design from the hands of some of the most experienced and expert web designers.

technoKrats can offer you web design services for all sorts of web presence purposes. Now let’s have a look at two types of service spheres from us:

Custom Web Design

While today a business can hardly be thought without an online presence – a website acts as the face of a business on internet. People depend on internet to get information. Searching through Google or other search engines, they land on different websites. They browse and click to choose anything if at the first look the site can impress them with its design. Here we must keep in mind that a website has to relay the entire business thoughts, ideas and services directly to the visitor cum consumer with proper presentation. technoKrats comes with its web designing team that applies its skills to offer every business its unique presence – a web design that speaks, represents its purpose visually first and then through functionally in the greater existent. The point of purposeful presence indicates customization of simple design structure.

While you would go for custom web designing for any business or specifically e-commerce website designs, keep in mind a few small things:

  • First analyze or discuss the business nature
  • Decide if the design would be for e-commerce or information
  • Fix the target audience for whom design would be for
  • Mind the color scheme depending on requirement not whims
  • Go for simplicity until it goes necessary to business nature
  • Keep search engine friendliness in mind always
  • Go for unique designs not copy of competitors

It is better to choose a web design company that has experience in custom design creation. If you budget is not very much tight then always prefer custom designed layouts instead of ready templates.

Template design and customization

Out of fast pace of our life, we are always in hurry to get things done. Design from scratch is not always possible. In such cases you should prefer ready-made templates. Here also you got to remember a few things:

  • Buy template theme that fits your business purpose
  • Always choose templates that are easy to customize
  • Choose template that comes with ready PSD, CSS and HTML files

technoKrats sells ready-made templates to quickly get your site designed and developed. While you are trying development based on open source, try choosing open source based templates like Joomla templates, Drupal templates or Magento Templates to name a few only. Our pricing is truly affordable and you also get chance of custom template design as we have our designers ready to help you at any point of time.

Technokrats and its web design services

Our web design team knows how to prepare the casting. They sketch a look that sets the platform for the entire story. We design attractive web pages that keep a visitor stuck to the site. We know how elegance, simplicity works as a better approach. This is why with attractive match of colors, imagination and purpose we create beautiful web pages.

At technokrat you get:

  • Planned approach – Before proceeding to sketch the concept of a design designers analyze the purpose first
  • Unique & exclusive – A design is considered as a piece of art and our target is to create originality and uniqueness
  • Meeting standards – Our designs stand through all media of display. Those are browser-friendly and W3 validated.
  • Latest technology and methods – Latest design tools and technologies (Photoshop, CSS, HTML5 etc.) used for perfection.
  • Experts at work – Our team consists of only expert designers. They visualize and produce exact required designs.

So whether you want web pages designed for your websites, flash animation, banners, flyers, brochures and everything related to designs, feel free to contact technoKrats. To get some idea of our design strength visit our portfolio.

If you have any trouble to get the kind of design that suits your business, feel free to contact us at any time. We are the only web design company in Kolkata, India that can offer you the most affordable pricing against the best quality designs for use either in web or in use of other media.