Do you want to become a full-stack WordPress developer? Then, you should have proficient knowledge of programming languages. Now, WordPress is itself developed based on PHP, but you cannot excel as WordPress website developer with only PHP knowledge. Learning one or two extra programming languages can help you to improve your reputation as WordPress website developer. Here in this blog let us introduce you to five programming languages that should be in your “must learn” list 2017.

1. PHP

PHP is the backbone of more than 80% websites and henceforth dominates in the programming world. WordPress is itself written in PHP language. Hence, if you up for WordPress support service provider, you have to learn PHP. PHP is an open source as well as a server-side programming language. In WordPress PHP, you will find a .php extension. You can easily use PHP inside HTML documents. This fundamental programming language is no doubt people’s favourite and this mass popularity is enough to make you learn PHP. If it is the first programing language you are learning, may be it will be harder for you. But, eventually, you will find that PHP is the ultimate friend when you want to dig dipper in WordPress.

2. CSS

The acronym CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet language. It is most useful while defining the formatting of HTML documents and visual appearance. You will find that almost every theme has a style.css file. This style.css file actually contains codes that determine the formatting of WordPress pages. It is so simple to use that most of the WordPress users can understand the basic CSS language just by staring at the style.css file of WordPress theme. You can style HTML elements directly in CSS. Clearly, CSS and HTML are BFFs. CSS is what that helps you to create a beautiful appearance of the website based on HTML pages. You can animate almost every element on your web page with the help of CSS.


Although we have enlisted HTML under programming language, many people will argue that HTML is more of a markup language than a programming language. The acronym HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. Although HTML is a static program, HTML5 has recently introduced a handful number of dynamic structures. HTML should be in your “must learn” list if you are going to work on WordPress. Even if themes like Divi is turning WordPress use into more visual editing platform, the need of HTML cannot be ignored. The best part is, HTML has a pretty basic concept, hence it is easy to learn. With HTML, you have the power to add links and display text. You can insert images, tables and separate paragraphs efficiently with HTML. If you don’t know this fundamental programming language, you can lose your job. If you still have limited concept about HTML, start learning it from today.

4. JavaScript

This amazing programming language was initially developed for user-interaction and the front-end. Over past few years, Java Script is the new hotness. If you want to work on both front-end browser and back-end server, HTML is the ultimate solution for you. As of now, ~27% core codes are written in JavaScript, which shows the brighter future for JavaScript. It was updated that JS is an “object-oriented programing language”, which refers that making easy available/design of complex programs/designs. In a nutshell, JavaScript keeps you from writing long and repetitive codes while increasing your work efficiency and complete the job quicker. It is one of the best programming languages to learn as it can give you a job security as well as increase your demand as a WordPress website developer.

5. jQuery

jQuery could be defined as a feature rich JavaScript Library, which is very fast. This fast and concise library was developed and launched by John Resig in 2006. The simple motto of jQuery is “Write less, do more.” jQuery simplifies event handling, Ajax instructions for rapid web development, animating and HTML document traversing. The key features or tasks that you can accomplish with jQuery may include Dom manipulation, Event handling, animations, Ajax support and Cross Browser Support. It is a unique lightweight library about only 19KB in size. It supports latest technologies like CSS3 selectors as well as basic XPath syntax. It is easy to download jQuery library on the local machine and integrate it in HTML code. Besides, from Content Delivery Network (CDN) you can directly include jQuery in your HTML code.

Which programing language you wish to learn and where to learn?

Now, as we have stated all of these five programming languages are important when you want to become a successful WordPress developer, it is time for you to select the best one. We will recommend you to learn all of the five programming languages; however, step by step.

There is a stack of academies and online sources where you can learn programming languages. However, we can suggest you some rich resources that can save you some bucks.


At CodeSchool you will receive hands-on courses guide, just like Codecademy. You can choose a language to take the lesson. It is free and the editors are so fun loving that they use zombie theme in the lesson.


It is completely free and hands-on course where you can learn loads of programming languages. They have a guide who will give you a step by step tour. Their in-browser editor is will help you in every step and will inform you minute details about every step.

Team Treehouse

Unlike other sites, Team Treehouse is not free. Here, you will get 7 days of trials for both basic plans and pro plans. While having class in Team Treehouse, you will have a feeling like a school. As per pro pack, you can download videos for offline practices.

Online Blogs and Tutorials

If you do not want to take a class from any of the mentioned websites, then feel free to search in Google. There are plenty of blogs and tutorials just made for the seekers.

Author’s Note:

These five programming languages are not the only options for you. Hence, do not limit your knowledge with these five programming languages. We handpicked HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and jQuery as the deal programing language for 2017-2018. We could hardly predict what will be coming in upcoming years.