Web Development

Development is usually the most crucial part of website creation. It is the functional smoothness that keeps the users stuck to the web pages. So the time a business tries to create a strong online presence, the perfectness of web development is nothing but absolute need. TechnoKrats provides customers with the best of web development services. We have a team of web developers who work on PHP development, both on custom coding and at the same time with open source. The team is also very much competent in web application development.

Below is a glimpse of the web development process. It is an overview of the process how we work. We keep in mind that our developers put their 100% efforts to make every development a complete success, maintaining the business specific need of each customer.

Web Application Development

In the present market, a business can hardly survive with upwards growth if it has no web presence. Yes, this presence can be through web profile information, advertisement, or a complete website. So people are creating their online identities to be a part of the internet revolution that is providing a local business “a window into the global world”.

It is the online presence that enhances potential business growth through greater revenue. It is a way to forge international relationships with new vendors and new customers. TechnoKrats is a web development company in Kolkata, India to help businesses developing the customized web application with unmatched quality and affordability. We have expert web developers to develop different types of web applications to make websites smooth in functionality.

We develop web applications depending on technologies to name a few like:


  • Ajax,
  • CSS,
  • JavaScript,
  • PHP,
  • Python,
  • HTML5


While the open source is highly popular in the market, we cannot lag behind! We provide our customers open source application that is based on PHP development, to name a few:


  • Joomla,
  • WordPress,
  • Magento,
  • Drupal,
  • OsCommerce,
  • OpenCart,
  • Zend,
  • BuddyPress,
  • Zencart,
  • Typo3


These are just a list of few open source development platforms with which we work. Our team of developers can work on all sorts of open source platforms as per the client requirements. We never insist or force any particular open source. The platform is actually decided by the nature of the business.

Website Analysis & Planning

Before any project gets started, it is necessary to analyze the prospects of development. And this analysis can be of two kinds one being pre-project development (to create the framework) and the other one is post development analysis (for modification to decide growth strategy). Our analysis is based on:


  • Type of business model
  • The market competition and the
  • Target audience or customers


These are the basic points of analysis that helps us select the use of the best project management methodology for the website development process.Our website analysis and thereafter success of web development services are based on three factors:


  • Tested methodologies
  • Our expert at work
  • Aim at meeting customer expectations


We always emphasize on aligning the analysis report with client requirements. At TechnoKrats we follow exclusive approach to web development process. Once the terms of the project have been settled we discuss with our customers to understand the need and ensure everything is in place before implementation part takes over.

Testing, Re-Testing & Delivery of the Website

At TechnoKrats we make sure that only quality work is produced and delivered to the clients. But this can only be made sure if proper testing and re-testing processes are followed after development.

We have expertise in various technologies and they make all the web development process compliant with the latest web standards. Our website testers follow the best testing practices that enable them to deliver you constructive results. Again the client can choose the methodology to be used depending on requirements. Let’s have fast look at some of the web testing factors:


  • Functionality Testing
  • Usability testing
  • Interface testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Performance testing
  • Security testing


Our testers continue the testing at various stages until all the bugs are promptly fixed. We always congratulate our experts as they thoroughly check all the PHP development codes and their functionality. We are keen in every respect to meet customer satisfaction. We never deliver any project until we first experience an error-free web application development.

So without any hesitation, you can bestow the responsibility of developing your site to TechnoKrats. As has been mentioned above, we have a team of expert and experienced web developers who work both on custom PHP development and as well as with different sorts of open source development platforms. Apart from 100% genuine web development services, we also try our best in providing the most affordable pricing for every project. So for all your web development requirements, remember one web development company in Kolkata, India – TechnoKrats.