CakePHP development in Kolkata

Any businessman would like to get smooth and secure functionality of business site. The entire online business stands on the better performance of the site and this should be ensured in every possible way. Achieving this target is only possible if you as a business owner can hire cakePHP developers who are efficient at developing website with one of the best PHP based framework CakePHP.

why cakePHP should be a choice

Being a website owner you should know why cakePHP should be a choice. Below are a few points that ever attract its implementation:

  • Highly compatible with the best programming language PHP, Apache and non-apache configurations. It is also simple and can fit into different templates to create custom structure
  • Cost effective as comes with MIT license. No cost to download cakePHP as being an open source. For easy data validation it is quite flexible in nature but strong to the core
  • Freedom of developing website in tune with any business industry and requirements. The superb facility of customization makes website absolutely according to particular business need

Featuresof cakePHP

Now let’s have a look at some of the features of cakePHP for which developer like this framework or in other words, you can relax if you hire CakePHP developer and they can use these features for better development of your website:

  • CakePHP has a typical MVC (Model View Controller) pattern that allows developers to separate the user interfaces from business logic. In CakePHP‘Model’ deals with the data handling in the best possible way while data rendering and presentation is supported though View. And the Controller works superb in modification of data before interaction with the database. This particular pattern makes development extremely easier
  • Developers have opportunity to reuse codes in different projects. The funda of this is nothing but faster development. So being a site owner you can make sure that the developers deliver plug-ins and other applications developed fast.
  • CakePHP offer easy validation and test option. The validation option is really useful feature. In validation one can attach multiple advanced validation rules and that can even be done to single field. The core and custom testing option makes sure that critical points are developed properly.
  • CakePHP offers built-in tools that provide CSRF protection, strong Form tampering protection option, typical SQL injection prevention, and best-in-class XSS prevention.This means your applications are safely developed in secure process.

why or what makes CakePHP

Now when you have come to know why or what makes CakePHP your choice, let’s have a look at a few points on selecting a developer In other words, what to look for while you hire cakePHP developer:

  • Do look for the portfolio of the developers you are trying to select for developing your site. You should not run behind cheap development costs as it may land you in the hands of the inexperienced developers. Ultimately your time and money goes to sea
  • Do look at the cliental of the company from where you are hiring the developers. You should also check the testimonials that would give you idea on the professionalism of the company
  • Last but not the least, you should compare the pricing of the developer for the type of work you would want to be done. Here, you have to keep in mind that going for comparatively affordable pricing would be the best choice, instead of cheap cost. If you do not do this, the result would lead to increased charges in the form of hidden cost.

Hope you have got an overall idea on selecting CakePHP for getting your website developed in smooth functioning. You can contact us for consultation regarding your project. We provide free quotes and consultancy in this case. So without delay, contact us immediately.

technoKrats is a software and web division of Tenet Systems Pvt. Ltd. CakePHP is one of the best frameworks that offer brilliant file manager to smooth use of content and theme, RSS feeds and other things. It is easy to install and nice one to use for e-commerce site. At the same time CakePHP development comes with built-in validation, Ajax support and lots of features that work behind making it one of the best web development framework for the developers. So if you need CakePHP web development, contact our experts who can help you in the best possible way.