Javascript is defined as an interpreted computer programming language. Now, being a part of the web browser, it allows the client side script to interact with the user, helps in controlling the browser, to communicate in a proper and standardized manner, and alter the content of the displayed document. It has also become one of the most common and popular server-side programs, game developer and helps in various desktop applications.

Well, if you do not like to dig deep with a technical aspect, we can simply say that JavaScript is one of the most simple, versatile and effective languages used to extend functionality in websites or application. To the developers JavaScript is well known for its power in making codes capable of creating interactivity yet staying compliant with several platforms. They also love it as this language helps in better client-side processing of data. Talking about the uses range, we have to say that this effective coding language can help the developers from on screen visual effects to processing and critical data on web pages. It helps to extended functionality to websites using third party scripts even. Our team of developers knows how effectively JavaScript can be put to use.

However, for better functionality of the web pages, our developer use JavaScript for different purposes, let us tell you some of our JavaScript development services that include:

    • It is one of the best language to develop custom plug-ins for different purposes
    • It is a best implement for version migration and cross-browser verification purpose
    • A developer can use proper JavaScript frameworks for various functionality of any website;
    • Create various dynamic effects like ‘drop down menus’, ‘slide-shows’, ‘image and menu rollovers’, ‘news scroll effect’, ‘audio and video embedding’ and a lot
    • It is a good choice in giving any a animated effects, flash charts, chat applications can be created and real-time tracking applications can be framed
    • This language is smooth in integration with different plug-ins for CMS and ecommerce application purposes

It comes in great help for validation of data inputted by users through any forms

  • It functions well for calculation and data processing for real time business calculations
  • It helps in creating interactive event notification widgets combined with PHP
  • It works good for CSS manipulations which adds flexibility to web app design

One interesting fact about JavaScript is that it plays a prominent role for advertisement display and programming. Clients love to see the rotating ads or banners for the use of JavaScript applications. Another notable use of JavaScript is in e-commerce sites. It makes adding items to a shopping cart smooth, processing forms and submitting orders to be shipped function correctly. In handling cookie on a computer JavaScript plays vital role. Sometimes it is used to display dynamic content to users while they shop anything. At least, when our developers use this JavaScript they make coding nicely functioning and flawless.

Some of the major features of javascript are:

  • Javascript is very easy to learn
  • It is a prototype based scripting language
  • It gives the user more control over the browser performance
  • It can help to detect the user’s browser, OS, screen size, etc. smoothly
  • Enables any sort of simple computation program on the client side
  • It can easily validating the user’s inputs of different sorts
  • It can generate HTML code on-the-fly without having web server access

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