Social Engine

Social Engine helps people and brands Build Vibrant, Customizable Online Communities. Social Engine was launched in the year 2007 and at present it has more than 10,000 customers or to be more precise to say, members at its disposal. The company has, seeing the popularity of Social Engine, launched two different versions and they are, Social Engine Cloud and Social Engine PHP.

Social Engine PHP is a PHP based White-Label Social Networking Service Platform that provides functions similar to that of any kind of social networking site on a user’s website. Apart from the above mentioned functions, the Social Engine PHP also has certain special features that include features like, Unencrypted Code, Multilingual Capability and Modular Plugin etc. There is also huge number of Templates and Add-Ones readily available to Increase the already present Basic Features in the Social Engine core.

Social Engine Cloud on the other hand is a SaaS version that facilitates Interest Graphs or Communities of people with the same interest. A latest version of Social Engine Cloud has been introduced and it has provided us with some important features.

Some important features are:

  • Sign In form now shown on landing page for private sites
  • Members autosuggest added to site search
  • Top, Hot and Following sorting modes added to the activity feed widget
  • Post category added to activity widget
  • Posts now support animated GIFs

technoKrats is the Web Division of Tenet Systems Pvt. Ltd. As Tenet Systems Pvt. Ltd diversified into different directions, it became an ultimate necessity for the company to come up with a division, which can handle the company’s urge to excel in the Technical aspect. More so, it became urgent, as the company was slowly beginning to accept projects from Parties/Clients related to Designing and other related work matter. This made the company think, before it took the plunge to introduce technoKrats(the Web Division of the company). This division of the company is a separate structure dealing mainly with projects related with Web DesigningLogo DesigningContent DevelopmentPHP Application DevelopmentSEO and SEM. Introduction of this division of the company made the company more Secured, Recognizable and Reachable to people. The company started to deal in certain important projects and it began to have some good feedbacks from its clients regarding the work it has done for them.