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Technokrats knows that web design and website development never finish without a better online presence of an SEO company in India! There is always the need for promotion to let the world know that a business exists it is never possible without an SEO company. And to do the same, there is always the need of letting the search engines know about the business.Not only that, through search engine optimization and search engine marketing internet users are attracted to a business. But it is not that without any effort the web presence would be highly visible! The right promotion strategy can be prepared by the experts only and we are providing best SEO services in India. These experts are technically known as search engine optimization or search engine marketers.

Provide social media marketing in India

TechnoKrats has a team of social media marketing who know how search engine optimization (SEO) has to be done to direct the search engines towards a website or webpage. SEO is actually a part of search engine marketing (SEM) that includes the vast aspects of online promotion process for drawing the attention of the internet users to a business site.Our company is an internet marketing company in India.

Search engine marketing is technically popular as search engine optimization (SEO). And this SEO process is generally divided into two main parts on-page and off-page.

Techniques of SEO services in India By TechnoKrats

We are providing best SEO services in India our SEO experts work to understand how search engines (Google, Yahoo, and others) are scanning a website and what methods of design, development and optimization can be relevant to represent the sites in the search engine results page (SERP). TechnoKrats has a team of SEO experts who constantly work to provide clients’ site first a prominent position in SERP and then slowly up words on the first page or at the first position ultimately.

Now let’s have a look at the key on-page SEO process by SEO company in Kolkata TechnoKrats:

Tag optimization: – In the HTML codes there are some tags (title tag, meta tags, alt tags). Optimizers work on proper utilization of these tags

Link optimization:- Every webpage consists of inbound and outbound links (that drives users to internal pages or outside websites). Optimizers look at the use and direction of these links effectively with use of proper keywords

Content writing and modification: Content or web copies are the source of information. So with the help of content writers, we develop informatively and search engine friendly content without forgetting the readability.

Keyword optimization:- People search for some words or word phrases, technically these are keywords to search engines. So optimizers work to research to create and use proper keywords in web pages. Proper formatting of keywords with highlights would bring search spider’s notice.

Effective process of off-page SEO by TechnoKrats

Off-page SEO is an online marketing strategy without doing anything on webpage content. Off-page is focused to create campaigns for generating traffic to a site. With the help of classified ads, link building, paid advertisements internet users are directed to a website. Some of the processes are:

Link Building:- A site needs to be linked with similar sites. Optimizers exchange links with other sites to make the process effective. Here the optimizers should know that paid link exchange would actually hurt the interest of the site through a penalty by the search engines.

Directory submission & classified ads:- Having a presence in different classified directories through ads arise attention of the users. The ad copy has to be properly written.

Social media optimization:- People are now crazy about social networks. Optimizers work to spread the presence of a site on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other such social networks.

Paid Search Marketing:- Apart from free ads, the pay per click (PPC) and other ads can really be effective to pull traffic. Here investment of money is little high and results are dependent on the money is invested. Less experienced optimizers can incur a huge monetary loss.

So if you are not getting business through your online presence of any sort, contact technoKrats team. It has a team of highly experienced SEOs who can bring better results to your website or any sort of web presence. We are the SEO company India that offer the most affordable search engine optimization services. Contact us to get an analysis of your website today. It is free.