YII (Yes It Is) is a high performance PHP framework. It is a fast, secure, professional and perfect for the PHP web development or web application development framework. YII is one of the most well known open source web application development frameworks developed in PHP 5. It helps to create creative, interactive dry design with the rapid development atmosphere.

YII is considered as a remarkable tool to develop Web 2.0 applications. YII follows Auto loading, Lazy Loading and PSR-0 Standards and some of the features that make it the best for web 2.0 sites. Managing complex web pages in the most suitable manner is possible with integrated jQuery and Ajax-enabled widgets. YII is fully Object Oriented and helps in building reusable components. It is the commendable quality development output that makes it one of the most chosen frameworks to developer and customers alike.

The latest YII Framework comes with rich unique features like MVC, DAO/Active Record, i18N/L10N, authentication, scaffolding, caching, testing, roll-based access control. It is explicitly developed to work with AJAX. YII comes with secure features like SQL Injection, Cross-site scripting prevention, output filtering, input validation and many more effective and essential features for development needs. It is one of those frameworks that come with a MVC followed pattern with clear coding separation of logic and presentation.

We provide all sorts of web development services with YII framework. We have team of expert YII developers. The YII development services that you can Get from us are like:

YII CMS (content management system) development

YII relational database creation and connection

YII based online web portal creation

YII social networking solution development

YII E-commerce website creation and modifications

YII customization & integration services with third party software

Some of the major features of YII are:

  • YII is a Model-View- Controller(MVC) Design Pattern.
  • Generation of complex WSDL Service Specifications and Management of Web Service request handling.
  • It helps in Message Translation, Date and Time Formatting, Number Formatting and Interface Localization.
  • It supports Data Caching, Page Caching, Fragment Caching and Dynamic Content. The storage medium of caching can be changed.
  • Error Handling and Logging: YII helps in Handling Errors in a more Logistic Manner and helps to present it in a more Standard and nice manner whereas the Log Messages can be Categorized, Filtered and Directed to different destinations.
  • Security Measures: The security measures of YII include Cross-Site Scripting Prevention, Cross-Site Request Forgery Prevention and in Cookie Tampering Prevention.
  • Unit and Functionality testing based on PHPUNIT and Selenium.
  • Automatic Code Generation for the Skeleton Application, CRUD Application etc.
  • Basically the Code generated by the YII Components and Command Line Tools complies with the XHTML standard.
  • YII is a very secured and carefully designed software to work with a Third Party Code.

We have core competency in YII framework and handful years of experience of developing website and application with it. There is no issue of developing sites or applications with the support of Yii framework. Let it be developing complex instinctive features for any application or simple functionality, we are experts at everything.

  • We have good number of PHP Yii framework developers with 3+ years of experience
  • Our developers are experts in AJAX, HTML5, XHTML, CSS and JavaScript development
  • We have visualizers and consultants to provide valuable insight before and after development
  • We have expert project managers with a dedicated online project management experience
  • We follow proper report process to provide customers latest updates on the work progress
  • Our solutions are high quality and at the same time most cost effective than our competitors
  • We work with 3-tier project execution model for effective progress to successful results
  • We are very much competent in seamless communication across all time zones
  • We are highly-skilled in following quality testing system for the best output
  • We offer guaranteed technical maintenance and support

technoKrats is a software and web division of Tenet Systems Pvt. Ltd. There is no doubt that YII makes web development a systematic activity through clean separation of concerns (SoC). At the same time the built-in authentication functionality and Role Based Access Control (RBAC) supported authentication makes YII web development easier and faster. So if you want YII framework development, we are going to be your right choice in terms of perfection, reliability and affordability.