Codeigniter is defined as a Fast Paced/Rapid Development Open Source Web Application Framework basically used to Create or Build Dynamic Websites with PHP.

Some of the major important features of Codeigniter are:

  • Codeigniter helps the developers to Create/Develop Websites at a much faster pace even than the Writing Codes.
  • Codeigniter is totally based on the hugely accepted and popular Model-View-Controller(MVC) Development Pattern.
  • If we consider the MVC development pattern, View and Controller are very much necessary as a part of development pattern whereas the Models in these case are pretty much optional.
  • Codeigniter is pretty much noted due to its speed when compared with other softwares.
  • It is certified under the license Open Software License “ OSL” v.3.0.
  • Installation of codeigniter is pretty easy and can be easily installed by users with nearly no experience at all.

There are four easy steps to be followed in order to install codeigniter and they are:

  • Package is to be unzipped
  • Codeigniter Folders and Files are then to be uploaded to the Server
  • The next step is to open the Application file with the help of a Text Editor and then it needs to be set at the base URL and the last step is
  • If the user needs to use the database, then the application file is again opened with the help of a text editor and then the data settings are made.

technoKrats is a software and web division of Tenet Systems Pvt. Ltd. There is no doubt that Codeigniter framework (CI) is one of best PHP framework that helps in creating nicely functioning dynamic websites. It is not that CI only comes with easy migration from one server hosting to another, its active record implementation is simply superb and easy to remember fro the developers. Codeigniter web development enables to incorporate its own existing scripts as well as develop core libraries for the system. It is friendly to streamlining the code underlying web pages and helps in making impulsive, synergistic, interactive, professional websites in the fastest possible time. So for building your site with CI, contact us soon.