Open cart

In any online store the shopping cart system has to be strong enough to make product or service purchase process easy. There are so many shopping carts available in the market. Among many open source based shopping cart solutions OpenCart is basically defined as an “Out of the Box” Shopping Cart Solution. It’s an easy to use and handle cart system.

This shopping cart is loaded with lots of features. Developers like it for easy installation process and simple to understand architecture. OpenCart has numerous in-built order management and multiple gateways to note a few features only. It is joy to use this cart system as it provides support and free software updates throughout its entire service life.

There are lot many features ofOpenCart. It makes online shopping easier and developers prefer it for various reasons. Some of the reasons are noted below:

  • Open source – It is an open source. So it is very much cost effective for the future development. If you develop your site with this cart then you stand chance of feature addition through plug-ins/extensions.
  • Documentation– In the process of development developers should get proper documentation to make the entire process easy. Open cart comes with complete documentation that make it error free and secure in the development.
  • Unlimited categories– Hardly any other cart system can offer so many categories for implementation. It is almost unlimited in developing categories as and when required. So any ecommerce can have freedom of keeping varied categories of its products.
  • Unlimited products– While there is freedom of categories, similarly it is a worth noting fact that Open cart offers option to keep unlimited products for shopping. So your site is not going to have any problem in keeping so many products.
  • Unlimited manufactures– Sometimes it is found that a few shopping carts limit you in listing manufactures. But there is not going to be such issues with Open cart. A site developed with this cart can list unlimited numbers of manufactures.
  • Templates– Another great feature that must be mentioned here is that no other cart can provide as many template selection opportunity as Open cart. So your site may have the kind of design or look that you would prefer.
  • Multi-language– In any shopping cart development, there should be option of multilingual display of process. This cart provides multi language option. So making business with customer worldwide becomes easy.
  • Multi-currency– Just like multiple language support, it is important that a customer can do the deal in his or her own currency type. Providing only a few international currencies like Dollar, Pound or Euro makes it little bit uneasy for the people whose currency is different than what options are available in your site. But OpenCart provides multicurrency support.
  • Product reviews– This cart has option to add product reviews. This means you can easily add customer feedbacks against the products or services sold thorough your site. It will add the credibility to your site.
  • Automatic image resizing– It is a great option to really resize images. Most of the times, it becomes tough to get exact size of images. But the time you have auto resizing option, all the headaches goes to the sea.
  • Multiple tax rates– Calculating tax is important for every payment made. OpenCart provides option to calculate multiple tax deductions. It makes tax related legalities no issue.
  • Shipping weight calculation– In some transactions shipping weight calculation can be a matter. But with OpenCart there is no issue of calculating shipping weight against products.
  • Discount coupon system– To increase sales there may be need to offer discounts on the products/services. In this cart system there is option to add discounts and calculations automatically happens with discounts. A coupon system can be provided while customers are choosing or willing to choose any product. So increasing sales can be easy enough.
  • Sales report & error logging – After certain intervals, reports on sales is needed. This sort of report helps in accounts book maintenance. On the other hand error report helps in identifying problem areas. Such reports help in business growth.
  • SEO friendly – In present day market situation, a website needs to be search engine friendly. To make a site SE friendly the development elements have to be optimized. This cart comes with SEO friendly elements.
  • Back-up and restore tools – One of the very important features that come with this cart is its back-up and restore tools. Anytime by any mistake if some data goes missing, there is no worry of disaster as back-up files are available even restore to previous state can be made possible.

Well, in this way using OpenCart in any ecommerce site can be a great selection or choice. The shopping systems become very much reliable to the vendors and easy for the customers.technoKrats has a dedicated team of open source developers who enjoy state-of-the-art work facilities to deal with all type of projects related to OpenCart development. So if you are looking for any reliable OpenCart developer in Kolkata, India – we are going to be your best choice in terms of quality and affordability. Feel free to contact us anytime.