Magento is defined as an Open Source eCommerce Web Application. It was build using the Zend Framework and was launched in the market in the year 2008. It basically uses the Entity Attribute Value (EAV) Database Model to Store Various Types of Data.

Over the years,Magento has transformed itself into a successful & strong online web application and at present, its been approximately adopted by more than 1,80,000 Online Retailers ranging from Smaller e-Commerce Websites to larger Multinational Business Enterprises.

Magento as an e-commerce platform provides with the following features that includes Product Display Opinions, Mobile Templates, Transaction Opinions, Multi Stores, Multi-Site Functionality, User Accounts and Loyalty Programmes, Product Catagorisation and Shopper Filtering and Discount and Promotion Rules.

As a web platform Magento uses its own Model-View –Controller(MVC) model to store data. Previously, the model that was used to store data was not that advanced and not even much technology was used in it compared to that with the recently released/developed model, Magento.

Differences between the Traditional model and the model used at present i,e Magento. They are:

  • The use of a layout file to control what’s displayed on each view
  • The use of “Blocks” that can be inserted into any view easily via the layout.
  • The use of a model re-write system.
  • The use of plugin architecture on Zend based Observer pattern.

We are capable of delivering all sorts of Magento based web and application development services. Yet, let us find out some of the services offered through us. It is just a glimpse of the services available and delivered to our customers spread across the globe.

  • Magento Themes Design and integration
  • Magento CMS development and integration
  • Magento Widgets development and integration
  • Custom extensions development
  • Different type of Magento module development
  • Magento e-store creation, usability and wireframe design
  • Magento shopping cart development
  • Payment Gateway integration with Magento sites
  • 3rd Party software integration with Magento
  • Magento and other sorts of ERP & POS integration
  • Responsive Magento based functionality development
  • Support & Maintenance for Magento development
  • Magento Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

After having developed any site or application with Magento many consider their job done! However, our Magento development service has different approach or you can say a different perspective in client service. We provide complete customer support in difficulties in future. So we make sure that our clients can fully utilize their website and grow business without any obstruction. Our team of Magento developers is always ready to invest required time to make your business through our developed ecommerce site smooth. We are determined to keep worries away from your mind.

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