Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is defined as a Web Design which is aimed at Crafting Websites in order to provide an Optimal Viewing Experience, Easy Reading, Navigation with minimum of Resizing, Panning and Scrolling.

A site that has been designed with responsive web design basically adapts the entire layout of the viewing environment by using Fluids, Proportion Based Grids, Flexible images and CSS3 media queries.

The access of internet has reached now billions (in 2014 over 2.9 billion) of people. Thanks to the diversity of devices (laptops, tablets, smart phones and many. It is essential to explore the possibilities of reaching more people with your products and services. Make online presence device responsive to get better. So in simple words, creating or converting online presence to responsive is to:

a) Reach customer better through any device that has internet facility

b) Make customer feel ease to surf your online presence as design structure become improved

Hope you have the same goal in mind. Never miss such opportunity of sale. Let people land to your site from any device they are surfing internet on. You would automatically have a chance of increasing sale. We are people who know how to create or convert a web layout into responsive layout.

RWD has the following features:

  • The fluid grid concept has the page element sizing to be in relative units like percentage, rather than in absolute units in pixels or points.
  • The flexible images are also sized in relative units in order to prevent them from displaying outside their containing element.
  • Media queries allow the page to use various CSS styles based on the nature and characteristic of the device, the site is being displayed on.
  • The server site components in collaboration with the client side such as the media queries can produce faster – loading sites for access over cellular networks.

However, once you have created a responsive design for your online presence, your web presence becomes highly accessible to the maximum number of people or the potential customers. Once you have chosen us as your design service provider for creating new responsive design of your business presence or converting the existing layout to responsive, you can be rest assured that all your tension is gone. With our expertise and experience, we would provide you the best output.

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