Custom Web Store Design

It is not necessary to make you understand that web stores are now indispensible parts of business. A better online presence or e-commerce means higher revenue generation. We all know the biggies in the market –eBay, Amazon and the likes. They have given e-commerce a big boom and people are selling their products or services listing in these big sites. Individually these sites have acquired more than 10% share in e-commerce market. You either have listed in these sites as a seller or thinking to take part right! Now comes the point of custom web store design for your business. If you have carefully gone through eBay or Amazon sites, then you would know that they offer personalized web store design option. They like to give your business a unique identity with the backing of theirs!

Why Custom Web Store Designing ?

You should take this opportunity in your favor. Having your own customized eBay web store designed or Amazon web store designed, you enjoy various benefits in favor of your business. Let’s have a fast look at some of the key benefits

  • Increase credibility:Finding a simple listing in eBay or Amazon would not give you any edge over thousands of other businesses who sell similar products or services! Having your customized look of the store would provide immense credibility to the visitors creating uniqueness from others.
  • Branding business: Using the association of eBay, Amazon or Alibaba like sites your business gets good visibility. But a personal touch provides huge branding with logos and other identity factors in use. It is necessary to leave an impression in a visitor’s mind.A custom web store design brings this freedom of branding.
  • Conversion rate increases: While providing custom look to your web store, you get absolute freedom to bring all the attention of onlookers to your preferred products, offers and discounts. All these are the ways to increase the conversion rate. Alibaba or Amazon would bring visitors to your store but it will be your responsibility to convert those visitors into customers. A custom web store would definitely help you in this regards.
  • Add some extra revenue: While there would be added advantage of having association with eBay or Amazon, you should use every avenue to earn. Displaying advertisement would be great if you can customize your web store in full. Through display of ads there is always some added revenue till you can keep space for the ads in your custom design template.

Now come to the point of customization. How far customization is possible and why you should come to technoKrats for designing your custom web store:

  • Complete layout customization: Whether you go for or, you get the option of ready templates. But it is not always that easy to completely turn those into your own store type. There are some limitations. We are here to help you in this regards. We know the importance of a search box, footer section, color combination and other things. Our team of experienced and expert web designers would make unique web store to be integrated with eBay or Amazon or the likes.
  • Logo customization: The brand is something that must impact a visitor to influence him or her to become returning visitor. In eBay layout there would be space to add logo. But it is not that easy to create a great logo without the help of the expert logo designer. We can help you create your unique at the same time identical logo for use in the web store or other places.
  • Right framing to match your business: It would be sometimes difficult to understand what design structure would be suitable for your particular type of business! Here technoKrats comes to help you with its expert designers or visualizes. The designers know the importance of header banners, navigation styles and other factors. With a less or very little concept that you have in your mind, our experts can help you choose the best layout structure or customize the structure according to your need.
  • Space management: You start with fewer products but end up with multiple categories. On the other hand with the popularity of your store, possibilities are there to get some advertisements. So there would be need of creating those special banner ads for your own business or adding some ads from others. Here you would need the help of the designers and developers to adjust all the things in your layouts. Providers of custom web store design services should keep these points in mind. You never have to take tension in this regard as our web designers and web developers always think wisely keeping future in mind.

Well, there are lots of things to do while eBay store design or Amazon store design customization is the matter of concern. What technoKrats can offer you:

  • Quality: We only provide quality work all time. Whatever customization or design or development tasks are done and delivered to our customers, those are of supreme quality. We bring life to layouts.
  • Professional service: We never talk fuss on what things we cannot do. Once we commit deadline, we meet it with complete customer satisfaction. We never stop until you feel ‘this is it.’
  • Affordable pricing: We can never assure you the cheapest pricing, but affordability is our mantra of successful custom web store design. We have team and resource of our own so can offer the best pricing in the market of web store design services.

There are lots of customers who are satisfied with our services. We are 24X7 available to listen to you and solve all your web design and development related issues. What you actually need is a request for free consultation with us. We are here to guide you to success. So without wait get your Alibaba web store or Amazon web store or eBay web store designed today!