WORDPRESS is basically defined as a Open Source, Free Web Publishing Application, Content Management System(based on PHP and MySOL) and a Blogging Tool. The main feature that makes WordPress so important are the presence of Plug-in Architecture and Template System. The software is basically used to Create Beautiful Websites and Blogs. At the same time the software is readily available and it is taken to be priceless as it helps in creating beautiful work(Websites and Blogs).

Some of the WordPress development services offered through us:

Custom web-based applications building

WordPress theme design

Custom WordPress plug-in development

Custom WordPress theme customization

Migration from other platform to WordPress

WordPress server and domain migration

WordPress technical support

WordPress MU installation

WordPress SEO services

WordPress Security Audits

The software has certain features which makes it unique from the rest.

  • WordPress allows its users in Updating, Customizing and Managing its own Websites and Blogs.
  • It can be Installed Locally on a Web Server and can be viewed from a WordPress Website
  • The software provides huge collection of features for its users and the WordPress “Themes” provides Numerous Templates from which its users can choose their favorite looks and can enjoy themselves.
  • With the help of WordPress, Sites can be Enhanced with Dialogues, such as User Registration, User Feedback and Password Protection.
  • One of the major factors behind the success of WordPress is the fact that it is used in Authoring websites without Blog Contents, though, when WordPress was first introduced it was developed to create Blog Websites only. The last but not the least
  • WordPress is licensed under GPLv2, i.e. which lists terms and conditions for Copying, Modifying and Distributing Free Software.
  • In Personal and Family Homepages.

There are so many reasons of using WordPress. Some of the best reasons can be found below for your fast look

Easy managing website from anywhere – WordPress is browser-based programming. So you can log in to your site from any Internet connected computer and start managing it. Adding anything from new pages, blog posts and images stay very easy as the interface is intuitive.

No HTML Editing or FTP Software Required – WordPress is a self-contained system and does not require HTML editing software for updates and upload documents is easy without needing additional FTP software.

WordPress sites are search engine friendly – The codes are very clean and simple, making it easy for search engines to read and index properly. The technical aspects of SEO like meta tags (keywords, description, and title) can be optimized for better search result positions.

WordPress is 100% Customization friedly– It acts as the engine for a website. It is flexible and can be 100% customized according to requirements.

Creating ready to use blog- WordPress was originally created for blogging, blogging facilities are built-in and are ready to integrate.

Extend the Functionality of Your Site with Plug-ins– Adding functionality like calendar, video gallery, Fan Box or just anything is very easy. WordPress makes this possible with plug-ins available for use.

WordPress sites are very scalable– Having created hundreds or thousands of pages or blog posts a site performs nicely.

Option to create Multiple Users– As an administrator of a WordPress site, setting-up multiple users and assigning access levels and capabilities to each user is easy and highly secure.

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