t is defined as a Content Management System (CMS) which helps us to Build Websites and Different Powerful Online Applications. Joomla is very easy to use and it is available extensively. Due to this factor, Joomla is the Most Popular Website Software available till date. Joomla is basically written in PHP, which uses an Object Oriented Programming Technique. The success of Joomla also depends on the fact that, since, it is a Open Source Solution, the software is easily accessible to one and all.

Most of us are unable to understand Joomla as we don’t get to understand the basics. Until we know the basic, it rather becomes difficult for us to know in details about Joomla. This problem can only be solved if we try to solve the theory behind the entire system that controls Joomla and that system is the Content Management System or CMS.

Now, CMS is that piece of software that Keeps Track of all the Contents of the Website, more like that of a Public Library that keep track of books and various kinds of records related to it. The contents, the software normally stores are basically Text, Photos, Music, Videos and everything that can be there to be saved and stored. The interesting thing about CMS is that no Costly Software or Technology is needed to operate the above mentioned functions.

Some interesting things that can be done by using JOOMLA are :

  • It is used in Building Corporate Websites or Portals.
  • Used in Online Magazines, Newspapers and Publications.
  • In Internet Banking and in Online Reservations.
  • Used in Government Organizations.
  • Used to Build Websites for Business Organizations.
  • In School, Colleges and in University Websites.
  • In Personal and Family Homepages.

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